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Sandblasting means cleaning the surface by the action of sand (as an abrasive), which is released through compressed air. Sandblasting allows cleaning the surface of old coatings, oxidation and rust. After that you get a base that provides good adhesion for subsequent anti-corrosion or protective treatments. In BlastVV sandblasting is performed with special machines using high-pressure abrasives (sand, metal particles, etc.), abrasives mixed with water to reduce dust or prevent the formation of sparks. The jet directed to the surface…

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Dry ice blasting

The principle of operation of the dry ice machine is similar to that of a sand blasting machine. but compressed air and dry ice are used instead of sand. The lack of waste material is one of the biggest advantages. In electric machines, this is very important because water or detergents can damage individual parts. An additional advantage is that after processing the machine is ready for use, as no drying is required. The cleaning is fully applicable to stator…

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Hydro-blasting, also known as water blasting or water jet, the surface is treated with a high pressure water jet. The combination of special nozzles, fixture and jet energy (about 250 bar) blasts the surface to achieve a cleaning effect. This method is mainly used for cleaning facades, to eliminate contamination from metal or concrete structures. Immediately rest, the surfaces are ready for application of paints, plasters, adhesives for thermal insulation and other construction mixtures. Hydro-blasting is extremely effective in cleaning…

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Industrial painting

Industrial painting not only protects metal structures from the effects of sunlight, moisture, industrial pollution, but gives them a nice beautiful appearance. That is why the right choice of paint is extremely important for the end result. At BlastVV we offer pre-treatment of surfaces for optimal results. Sandblasting, hydro blasting or hydro sandblasting will help to achieve healthy and clean surfaces ready for laying. When the primer dries, you can proceed to the actual painting. The paint gives an aesthetic…

Mobile equipment
services with mobile sandblasting machine, blasting equipment for dry ice cleaning, anti-corrosion application, industrial painting


Application: cleaning of metal doors, grilles, fences, machines, boats, yachts, trailers, caravans, vans, wagons, heavily soiled surfaces, stone fences, facades, monuments, flooring, mosaic, concrete, bricks, tiles, asphalt, tiles, wooden windows, doors, furniture, beams, facades, walkways, playgrounds, swimming pools, terraces, columns, monuments, graffiti, cars, wheels, metal parts, chassis, construction and industrial equipment.

Anti-corrosion protection

Application: corrosion prevention of metal and concrete surfaces, production halls, bridges, dam walls, cranes, chemical equipment, swimming pools, docks exposed to sea water, production processes with high moisture content and low air pollution, equipment for production of food products, breweries, dairy plants and others. Mandatory element in the construction of industrial and infrastructure sites.

Hydro sandblasting

Application: cleaning of metal doors, grilles, machines, boats, yachts, heavily soiled surfaces, stone fences, facades, monuments, flooring, mosaic, concrete, bricks, columns, graffiti, metal parts, chassis, construction and industrial equipment and others.


Application: removal of contaminants in various metals, concrete, wood, stone and granite cladding, facades of buildings, graffiti cleaning, restoration of high value surfaces and architectural sites: monuments, memorials, slabs and more.

Industrial painting

Application: industrial painting of factory chimneys, roofs, buildings, facades, tanks, hangars, fences, doors, transformers, boilers, trucks and rail cars, bunkers, industrial equipment and others.

Industrial dry ice blasting

Application: jet cleaning of turbines, generators, motors, rotors, stators, transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, terminals, metal parts and others.


Sandblasting, Blasting, hydro blasting, Hydro sandblasting, Dry ice blasting, Anti-corrosion protection, industrial painting, Wheel cleaning and polishing and others.


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